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How questioning the unquestionable breathed new life into Canadian Club

By treating ‘Over Beer?’ as a big culturally-provocative idea, not just a bumper sticker, Canadian Club became the catalyst for all Australians to question the unquestionable: is it time to ditch our cultural commitment to beer? By asking ‘The Big Question’, Canadian Club took it to a whole new level, leaving the category in its dust – achieving an incremental +$35M value sales uplift year-on-year, growing drinkers at 3-times the category, delivering an ROI of $3.12 in incremental profit for every marketing dollar spent. Best of all; Canadian Club overtook Bundaberg Rum in value sales for the first time in history.

Brand: Canadian Club
Client: Beam Suntory
Agency: The Monkeys

Moms and dads rule

Prijateljstva koja traju cijeli život su najčešće ona prijateljstva koja uzimamo zdravo za gotovo i nerijetko zanemarujemo. Ovom kampanjom pozivamo Žujine fanove da popiju jednu s onima koji su bezuvjetno i nepokolebljivo uz njih cijeloga života. Ključni izazov postavljen pred kampanju je bio održati ili blago povećati tržišni udio u Retail segmentu prije i tijekom izuzetno kompetitivnog blagdanskog dijela godine. Kampanja je premašila sve zadane ciljeve.

Brand: Ozujsko pivo
Client: Zagrebacka pivovara
Agency: BBDO Zagreb

Hangar 1 Fog Point

How does a local Alameda, CA, craft vodka brand break through the saturated spirits market in the U.S., in the middle of the state’s worst drought in history? With a low budget and the goal of positioning itself as a local vodka, Hangar1 found opportunity within adversity, using the Bay Area’s most representative icon to create the first liqueur made from fog: Hangar 1 Fog Point.  Incredible awareness rates, millions of impressions on broadcast and social media, and billions of dollars in ROI were generated by this foggy vodka.

Brand: Hangar 1 Fog Point
Client: Proximo Spirits
Agency: ACHE

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2019_co_2019_e-142-322_hero_1 HENDRICK´S GIN La Hora Del Té Ahora Es Una (Té)Rapia Victoriana

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