This is an award for rebirth campaigns. To enter your brand must have experienced a downturn of more than one year and a period of at least six months of upturn sales.



Relaunch of "Moya Semya" brand

Economic crisis and food inflation moves juices aside in shopping baskets. Meanwhile, consumer's preferences are uncertain: he doesn’t see any difference between brands with “family” ads looking alike, and grabs any “price promo” juice. How to switch consumer’s attention to “Moya Semya” which hasn’t come up with innovations for a long time? To take proper measures! We’ve completely changed the recipe and created unique range of tasty mixes, renewed package design, introduced new communication rethinking Father’s role in handling family issues. As results our sales grew from -8% in 2017 to +19% in 2018.

Brand: Moya Semya
Client: Multon JSK
Agency: McCann Moscow

I Am What I Make Up

In 2017, COVERGIRL had to modernize itself in the face of constant new news from niche and prestige brands. So we did something unprecedented: we changed beauty's most memorable tagline. COVERGIRL's new line, I Am What I Make Up, was an important update to "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful." It reframed prescriptive understandings of makeup and celebrated it as an act of self-expression. This brought about a cultural reappraisal, with COVERGIRL at the helm, and resulted in double-digit sales growth and increased market share for the brand.

Client: Coty
Agency: Droga5

Tigres del Ahorro: Relanzando un portafolio de productos

Mibanco es una institución financiera para la microempresa fuertemente posicionada en productos de crédito. 
"Tigres del Ahorro" busca ampliar la oferta e incentivar el ahorro formal a través del lanzamiento de productos innovadores y apelando a la manera habitual de relación con sus clientes: el mismo Mibanco que te confió plata, es el mismo Mibanco donde puedes confiar la tuya.
En 4 meses de campaña logramos incrementar la apertura mensual de cuentas de ahorro en +296% y +35% en el atributo confianza (clave de nuestro posicionamiento).

Brand: Cuentas de Ahorro
Client: Mibanco
Agency: Zavalita Brand Building

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