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This award will go to those marketing ideas that had the ability to burn intensely for a finite period of time, putting a brand or product in a bright spotlight and creating immediate and measurable impact.



#Unclaimed: The Hunt for a Missing Millionaire

The New York Lottery loves winners, but in 2014 many went missing. Missing winners are bad for business because hearing about winners encourages people to buy tickets. So we went looking for a missing winner whose $7 million ticket was about to expire. Armed with paper and tape, we posted hand-drawn missing person flyers around the winning location. Those small flyers yielded big results. National news networks took notice and brought our message to the masses, engagement with the brand increased by over 100% online, and jackpot sales increased 19%.

Brand: New York Lottery
Client: New York Lottery
Agency: McCann

"Bring Happiness Home" Chinese Spring Festival Year of Monkey Campaign by Pepsi China

Brand: Pepsi Cola
Client: PepsiCo Corporate China
Agency: Arkr Digital

Chevrolet S10 La pick-up del millón de likes

Brand: Chevrolet
Client: General Motors de México
Agency: Commonwealth // McCann

2019_us_2019_e-4297-096_hero_1 L.L.Bean Be an Outsider at Work
2018_ec_2018_53_hero_1 Floralp Cosechando lo sembrado
2018_ec_2018_55_hero_1 Pilsener La fiesta de todos

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