Carpe Diem - Products

This award will go to those marketing ideas that had the ability to burn intensely for a finite period of time, putting a brand or product in a bright spotlight and creating immediate and measurable impact.




Brand: Nissan
Client: Nissan
Agency: Teran\TBWA

The invitation

Brand: Museo Memoria y Tolerancia
Client: Museo Memoria y Tolerancia
Agency: Montalvo

The Super Bowl Dunk

Gatorade hasn't historically advertised during the Super Bowl, preferring to service the athletes on the field. However, they were missing a huge opportunity to connect with competitive athletes during one of the most relevant moments in sport...the Dunk. With a limited media spend, Gatorade wanted to turn the Super Bowl into a platform for brand engagement. We launched a Snapchat lens that let consumers put themselves in the middle of the Dunk, garnering 165 million impressions, nearly 30 seconds of brand engagement and +8.3% lift in purchase intent. 

Brand: Gatorade
Client: PepsiCo
Agency: VML

2019_ru_2019_1643_hero_1 Dulux Becoming a game changer in DIY e-Commerce
2019_ru_2019_1658_hero_1 McDonald's Big Mac 50
2019_ru_2019_1897_hero_1 Lublu coffee BUT we have delicious!

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