Data-driven media is the application of data and technology to identify and match the right audiences to the right message at the right moments.



Anti-compote from anti-granny

This case shows how the Garage brand managed to launch the novelty, Garage Granny’s Anti-compote, protected from competitor copies, and recruit the young audience to its consumer profile.

Brand: S&R Garage
Client: Carlsberg Ukraine

Reword: Changing Online Bullying Behaviour

Bullying has moved from schoolyards to social media, but kids don’t realize the effect their words can have. So, we created Reword, the first real-time alert for online bullying. Using a red strikethrough to prompt young people to reconsider abusive language, Reword helps develop their moral compass by teaching them to self-regulate hurtful comments before hitting send. Within six weeks, the tool was installed on 150,000+ computers; 84% of insults were reworded; and most significantly, we saw a 67% reduction in bullying behavior per user. Reword is creating a new generation that respects each other – online and in real life.

Brand: headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation
Client: headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation
Agency: Leo Burnett

You've Gotta Have a Team: Bringing the next generation of fans into the Hyundai A-League

Football had a unique problem in Australia. It’s the most played sport amongst kids, yet only 42% of players under 15 supported a Hyundai A-­‐League team. Our challenge was to convert this passion for the game into fandom. We needed to convince kids “You’ve Gotta Have a Team”. Enter Yoshi, a football-­‐mad kid without a team. Yoshi went on a 21,000km journey so all the teams could compete to win his support.

Brand: Football Federation Australia
Client: Football Federation Australia
Agency: BMF

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