Data-driven media is the application of data and technology to identify and match the right audiences to the right message at the right moments.



Don't Ignore a Cough

Last winter Prospan was the little kid’s cough remedy that could. With everything stacked against it, a winning combination of finding and leveraging existing behaviors and using big data to build a predictive algorithm, the perfect message was delivered at precisely the right time to concerned Australian mums. By successfully aligning Prospan with maternal instinct, we achieved a 27% increase in sales, in a market which shrank by -8.5%.

Brand: Prospan
Client: Flordis

"Bloody Idiots and Ratbags" do it again for Lamb

When Pauline Hanson labelled us “a bunch of politically correct ratbags,” we knew we were onto a winner. Lamb, the brand that stands for ‘Unity’, could no longer ignore the elephant in the room: the day we should be most united as a nation – Australia Day – was instead driving us apart, by excluding Indigenous Australians. Our solution was to celebrate everyone that makes Australia great, not the day or the date. It became Lamb’s most talked about campaign ever.

Brand: Meat & Livestock Australia
Client: Meat & Livestock Australia
Agency: The Monkeys

The campaign that got millions of Australians to help prevent violence in future generations

As Australians, we like to think we live in a peaceful, progressive society. But when it comes to violence against women, the situation is anything but. Each week, one woman is killed by their current or former partner. Despite previous efforts to reduce violence against women, it remains a huge problem. So, this campaign took a different approach, and went back to the very beginning. Stop It At The Start started a national conversation about how all of us – through our attitudes towards disrespect – are perpetuating future violence. As a result, Australians have started to change deeply held attitudes and behaviors in a way that will reduce violence against women in future generations.

Brand: Australian Government - Department of Social Services
Client: Australian Government - Department of Social Services
Agency: BMF

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