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WOSP plays with partners

GOCC Foundation has found an innovative way of accomplishing its statutory aims. A charitable organization, which relies on donations, has provided its partners with calculable benefits. The partnership between GOC C and commercial brands works like an outsourced C SR. Joint initiatives allow us to set new records. Brands are able to carry out their key marketing objectives, curate positive image and brand awareness while making contributions to our mission of saving children’s health.

Brand: Fundacja WOSP 
Client: Fundacja WOSP 
Agency: Fundacja WOSP

IKEA Family – data-driven business transformation

Despite the fact that a lot has been said about the data transformation in the organization, it has not been really in place. This entry is an example of the theory converting into practice. To us, it is the C RM data that is a key to build IKEA’s competitive advantage on the rapidly changing market. Moreover, we used the data not only to optimize the marketing activities but also “across” the organization’s structures, having an impact on the decisions taken by numerous departments.

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA
Agency: IKEA

Fortune Cat

Business Insurance is a product that our target audience saw as taboo, or at best, a necessary evil. Even then, UOB decided to advertise it for the first time. But instead of falling victim to category tropes, UOB took a different approach. By demonstrating a deep understanding of the mentality of small businesses, UOB repositioned Business Insurance into a culturally relevant purchase. Through a highly-targeted social video, UOB was able to drive awareness and consideration of UOB Business Insurance, ultimately delivering a 4-fold growth in leads for policies.

Client: UOB

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