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The Next-Gen is Ready.

Brand: Vodafone
Client: Vodafone India Limited
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Pvt. Ltd.

Enterpreneur Gain

All companies, big and small, are profit oriented, but the small ones are also driven by emotions. Wishing to convince those who start their own businesses to use mBank instead of their current bank, we had to demonstrate we are the partner that fully understands their needs. That is why we guaranteed the fees won’t change, so the customers could focus on their businesses. The entire communication was focused on emotional benefits associated with starting their enterprises. In effect, the number of newly-opened accounts after the campaign was impressively high.

Brand: mBank
Client: mBank
Agency: Grey Worldwide Warsaw

Fair loan

New clients acquisition is a huge challenge in banking - the heavily saturated with products and companies market. Indeed, for Idea Bank it is one of the major goals. In the search of ways to reach the new clients, Idea Bank recoursed to their needs - both in terms of products and communication. As a result, the campaign that features the product no more intensely than for a few eye-blinks, shoot through the roof with its effects: record in the number of new clients acquisition in a short and long run.

Brand: Idea Bank
Client: Idea Bank
Agency: Value Media

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