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Change For Better

Brand: Knorr
Client: Unilever Food Solutionons
Agency: SapientNitro

Run Simple

SAP used simplicity to transform its fortunes in the highly competitive and complex world of enterprise software. Rooted in a rich understanding of their target beyond the typical key decision maker language of B2B marketing, SAP repositioned from just another high performance software solution to the leading provider of the best thing they could offer their target: simplicity in an increasingly complex world. SAP was able to strike a more relevant chord with our target audience, smashing the brand funnel KPI's and generating more high quality sales leads.

Brand: SAP
Client: SAP
Agency: BBDO New York


To demonstrate the potential of Watson and enlist skeptical developers and start-ups, we showed off a creative computer. Using the cloud, we put IBMs Watson in a Food Truck and parked it at SXSWi in Austin. Menu suggestions solicited via twitter (e.g. #Burrito) were reinvented by Watson into deliciously deranged recipes (e.g. Austrian Chocolate Burrito). We drove 100MM+ impressions, and thousands of applications by developers to see what they could build with Watsons help. It was a branded content campaign where the content was food.

Brand: IBM Watson
Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

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