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Working With You: The power of partnering with UK businesses

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles had to do more with less, competing against competitors with newer vehicles, whilst our own communications budget was cut. By avoiding the driver targeted, product benefit led messaging of the market and focussing on our ability to act as a service partner to business managers, we instigated a total brand overhaul around the idea of Working With You.

Brand: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Client: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Agency: adam&eveDDB
Language: English

FDIC Tradeshow

With diehard loyalty to legacy brands in the fire category, and an audience set in their ways, we needed to get firefighters who routinely put their lives on the line to trust TECGEN, a new brand of protective gear. Lack of brand trust aside, we also had to overcome the fact that TECGEN is three times more expensive. Taking an unconventional approach at the largest industry tradeshow got buzz, trial and impressive results. 86% increase in leads, a sales increase of 43%, and a leading competitor cited the overall brand as one of their deciding factors for acquiring the brand.

Agency: Partners + Napier
Language: English

Change For Better

Brand: Knorr
Client: Unilever Food Solutionons
Agency: SapientNitro
Language: Chinese

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