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This award will go to those marketing ideas that had the ability to burn intensely for a finite period of time, putting a brand or service in a bright spotlight and creating immediate and measurable impact.



The Forgotten day of Freedom

O2 is a telco provider that fights for freedom on the market. We have a national holiday of freedom on the 17. November, but sadly few people know that it’s the day the velvet revolution started._x000D_ On the 17.11.2017 we united O2 slovakia and czechia and brought the day from 1989 back to our modern times. We blocked all internet traffic to foreign domains, sent a special reminder SMS to everyone who crossed the border of the countries, blocked world news in media, streamed the revolution from ‘89 on Facebook.

Brand: O2 Slovakia brand
Client: O2
Agency: TRIAD Advertising

The More The Merrier - How ALDI continues to win over Aussies at Christmas.

From Surfing Santas to The Tinkletons, ALDI Christmas is a major retail event. But big success comes with big expectations, competition and Christmas clichés aplenty. Whilst ALDI saw increases at Christmas, perception of quality lagged behind competitors. And with a year of Colesworths pushing half price, ALDI’s value had been knocked. ALDI’s 2017 campaign reframed the value equation from crude quality/price to ‘generosity’ demonstrating ALDI could entice the hungry Christmas mobs in a uniquely Australian way. It was the most successful yet delivering xx lift in sales despite a xx reduction in campaign spend, netting an ROI of xx for every dollar spent.

Brand: Aldi
Client: Aldi Australia
Agency: BMF

Kids are Tougher than the Streets

This case is about the toughest people in one of the toughest warzones.  They’re not soldiers, cops or gangsters.  They’re children.  And they make the tough choice to defiantly reject crime on their streets.  Instead, they choose hope by joining a safe-haven called Off The Street Club.  Our “Hope is Tougher” campaign raised the most money in the Club’s history – 20% more than previous years and enough to keep 3,000 kids off the streets.  And it proved that thoughtful strategy and communications can make a difference in people’s lives.

Brand: Off The Street Club
Client: Off The Street Club
Agency: Energy BBDO

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