Financial products and services including: communications promoting overall image and capabilities of a financial institution.



Times Have Changed

Faced with ambitious life insurance growth targets and intensifying competition, Income focused on winning in its biggest customer segment: women. By committing to changing with the times and calling out the industry to do the same, Income earned women’s attention and affinity. Market share shot to a record high in several years.

Brand: Income
Client: INCOME

CMB Overseas Credit Card-《Your world is more important than the entire world》integrated marketing communication

The dissemination aimed at foreign students group, the spokesmen through solicitation to accurately enter the circle of foreign students, through a trump micro film to detonate, which has caused widespread debate in industries and platforms. In addition, during the Spring Festival in 2017, China Merchants Bank united New York Chinatown Chinese Restaurant with a credit card and comforted the overseas students with a plate of tomato fried eggs to complete from online to offline the whole people phenomenon and emotional marketing.

Brand: China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center
Client: Credit card center of China merchants bank co. LTD
Agency: YOYA Digital

Helping India conquer Note-Bandi

Brand: PayTM
Client: One97 Communication Limited
Agency: McCann Worldgroup India

2018_in_2018_48_hero_1 Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) Mutual Funds Sahi Hai
2018_in_2018_49_hero_1 Visa India #KindnessIsCashless
2018_in_2018_50_hero_1 Axis Bank Home Loans with 12 EMIs Off

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