Fitness & Wellness

Unregulated products/services focused on consumer health and/or promoting a healthy lifestyle. 




BelVita is a breakfast biscuit that provides nutritious sustained energy all morning long. We needed to introduce more people to the brand and make them feel that it was specially designed for their mornings. We defied the conventions of the breakfast category by creating the #MorningWin campaign that celebrated peoples morning achievements and positioned belVita as the brand that can help them do whatever it is they do in the morning. It earned over 748M media impressions, increased awareness +7% and boosted sales 92.3% vs. a year ago.

Brand: belVita
Client: Mondelez International
Agency: Droga5

Becoming Yourself

Medifast was competing against weight loss giants Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. These competitors had the advantage of larger ad budgets, higher brand awareness and popular celebrity endorsers. We countered with a more authentic approach using real Medifast customers. Filmed and edited nine months apart, we created a campaign called "Become Yourself" where your old self had an on-camera conversation with your thinner, healthier self. Medifast brand preference jumped 24% and usage and share nearly tripled. Most importantly, we taught people across America that life isn't about what you lose, it's about what you gain.

Brand: Medifast
Client: Medifast
Agency: Solve Branding LLC

MiO Sport

After a successful launch, MiO's new sub-line, MiO Sport, launched in 2013. The challenge for MiO Sport would be to continue to introduce a relatively new product through this new innovation and continue the brand's narrative into year 2, focusing attention on the highly sought-after male-millennial target. What resulted was a campaign that was entertaining enough to build incredible brand health, effective enough to drive massive sales, and ownable enough to continue insulating the brand against a growing set of competitors.

Brand: MiO Sport
Client: Kraft Canada Inc.
Agency: TAXI Canada Ltd.

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