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Unregulated products/services focused on consumer health and/or promoting a healthy lifestyle. 



Bringing it Home at the Winter Olympics

After years of operating as a category of one, now Peloton needed to build a brand. We saw the perfect opportunity in the Winter Olympics. But how would Peloton compete in a cultural moment dominated by mega-athletes? It wouldn’t. Instead, Peloton turned to its community of riders to tell a story celebrating a different kind of achievement. The audience-inspired campaign had an immediate impact, increasing both awareness and affinity, and generating to a 77% lift in new leads.

Brand: Peloton
Client: Peloton
Agency: Mekanism

Let's Move On

This is a story about a brand doing the unimaginable; positioning itself as unimportant in the lives of its consumers. By breaking marketing and category conventions, our campaign shot the brand from third place to outright leader in less than two years.

Brand: U by Kotex
Client: Kimberly Clark Australia
Agency: Ogilvy Australia

Abnormal working style job awards

Brand: AB yogurt drink
Client: Uni-President
Agency: 10percent activation

2018_au_2018_21_hero_1 BabyLove Premmie Proud
2018_au_2018_22_hero_1 28 by Sam Wood 28 by Sam Wood: How an online business won by being more human
2016_mx_2016_1108_hero_1 Vicky Form From Fantasy to Reality #MejorBŽsame

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