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Diet and non-diet soda, coffee, tea, juices, milk, milk substitutes bottled water, sparkling water, etc.



Stop the World

In order to boost market share in the powdered soft drink category, the target audience was narrowed down to capture the highest users of powdered soft drinks. The advertising campaign, "Stop the World" was designed to convince the target audience that Wyler's was the drink they had to have no matter what.

Brand: Wyler's
Client: Unilever/Lipton
Agency: Griffin Bacal, Inc.

2019_us_2019_e-4071-107_hero_1 Country Time Country Time Legal-Ade
2018_au_2018_13_hero_1 V Energy The Natural Hit
2018_ec_2018_10_hero_1 Guitig Edición origen

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