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Cases eligible for this category must represent the only communications efforts for this brand (brand defined as listed in the “brand” question of the Effie entry form) during the time period that the effort entered ran. 



A Meme Gallery

The learning-disabled, due to lack of social interaction, are often neglected and forgotten. Can the power of technology bring equality to this community and help them voice their identity?
We created an HTML5 digital gallery of artwork by 36 general learning-disabled individuals.
Users were able to engage these individuals by spending 1 RMB using WeChat Pay to purchase their painting. On the same day we urged every WeChat user to donate their “Moment “and frame this painting on their social space, linking public care into a continuing digital gallery.

Brand: Tencent
Client: Tencent
Agency: Tencent

O Brasil já sabe onde perguntar

Mais do que um case de comunicação, este é um case de ressignificação de negócio que há 7 anos vem mudando a relação das pessoas com os postos. Um case que levou a Ipiranga de um posto de gasolina a um “lugar completo esperando por você” e, mudando a ótica da categoria, transferiu o discurso do carro para as pessoas e do posto para o varejo. Quer saber mais? Pergunta lá no Posto Ipiranga!

Brand: Ipiranga
Client: Ipiranga
Agency: Talent Marcel

Everyone is an Amazing Book

Reading can help you to become your better self. This World Reading Day, campaign “Everyone is an Amazing Book” told the truth of reading, made books as metaphor for personality, connected reading to people. With a tight budget of 0.3 million, the campaign reached million-level advertising effect, from brand image enhancement to prime reading member sign-up. Over 1 million clicks and participation during the first 6 hours were achieved. During campaign, PV reached 27 million (only cost 0.009 yuan per brows), UV 2.17 million, sales increased 69%.

Brand: Amazon Prime reading
Client: Amazon China
Agency: MRM//McCann

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2018_au_2018_52_hero_1 The Hunger Project Australia A Table To End Hunger
2018_au_2018_54_hero_1 David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Hello in Elephant: Translating an endangered language to help save an endangered species.

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