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Cases eligible for this category must represent the only communications efforts for this brand (brand defined as listed in the “brand” question of the Effie entry form) during the time period that the effort entered ran. 



Uncounted Since 1932

For 27 years of its independence, Ukraine has tried to get the international audience pay attention to the Holodomor. But the world isn’t interested in the 1932-1933 famine. So to attract the international audience’s attention, we chose the only language that is understood anywhere and at any time – the language of hunger. For one day we opened in Brussels a pop-up restaurant where you could taste dishes from the times of the Holodomor. As a result, the project got over 50,000,000 earned media impressions in 1 day, more than 150 media publications (including “Politico” and “Deutsche Welle”), 1000 visitors from 20 countries, invitations to hold the event from Ukrainian embassies in 10 countries of the world.

Brand: Ukrainian Leadership Academy
Client: Ukrainian Leadership Academy
Agency: Gres Todorchuk PR

The Power of SHE

Companies with women in leadership perform better, but women are underrepresented. On International Women’s Day 2017, State Street Global Advisors placed Fearless Girl in New York’s financial district to ignite a conversation about the power of women in leadership. She generated over a billion impressions on Twitter in the first 12 hours. In three days she drove average daily trading volume of the SHE fund up 384%. 

Brand: State Street Global Advisors
Client: State Street Global Advisors
Agency: McCann New York


Gran cantidad de marcas, entre ellas Honda, están afectados a un problema en los airbag. Teníamos que contactar a los dueños de los Honda vendidos entre 2001 y 2014. La base de datos quedó obsoleta y los e-mails caían es spam. Cruzamos esos mismos e-mails para dar con los perfiles de nuestros clientes en redes sociales y sembramos el mensaje. Pero no solo a ellos, también a sus seguidores. Si un dueño de Honda no veía la publicación, el seguidor lo etiquetaba. El reemplazo de airbags creció un 91%. Google registró un aumento del 730% en la búsqueda de “airbag”, con Honda como principal marca asociada. 

Brand: Honda Motor Argentina
Client: Honda Motor
Agency: Almacén

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