Multicultural & Lifestyle Segments

Any effort whose success was dependent on effectively connecting with a specific cultural or lifestyle group, e.g.  African-American, Asian, Hispanic, LGBT, People with Disabilities, etc.   



Strands for Trans

If you’re transgender, a simple haircut can be a magnet for discrimination. Inspired by Pride Month’s inclusive values, Barba Men’s Salon launched “Strands for Trans” and rallied against the hate. By tapping into the LGBTQ community’s hearts, minds and flair—Barba sparked a movement that generated 14MM earned media impressions during Pride month, attracted the support of fashion icon Marc Jacobs, and led  barber shops and salons in every state, including the red states, to sign up as trans-friendly on the first online registry. All with a budget of $10,000.

Brand: Barba Men’s Grooming Boutique
Client: Barba Men’s Grooming Boutique
Agency: Terri & Sandy

Three Minutes

Seen as a premium yet distant foreign brand, Apple wanted to build deep emotional connection with Chinese consumers in a distinct and meaningful way at CNY. To establish the brand’s human values behind the innovative technology, we celebrated precious family reunion moments through the film “Three Minutes” shot entirely on iPhone X. The film reached 138 million views during the holidays and made headlines as “setting a new standard for advertising.”

Brand: Apple Inc.
Client: Apple Inc.
Agency: Media Arts Lab

Intel Robot Hand X Shadow Play Experience

We invited Master Qin Ligang, the Chinese famous shadow play artist, to let the robot hand “Eagle Shoal” driven by the AI perform shadow play together on the stage of My Future, the first technology variety show by HNTV. We also filmed a documentary and published it online, followed by press releases and KOL social posts. Via this campaign which is full of novelty and entertainment, we bring public attention back to shadow play and seek more possibilities for inheriting and protecting traditional culture. Meanwhile, we change the public's Intel brand perception as the chip manufacturer, it's also the AI technology leading brand with social responsibility.

Brand: Intel
Client: Intel China
Agency: Innokids Communications Limited

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