Multicultural & Lifestyle Segments

Any effort whose success was dependent on effectively connecting with a specific cultural or lifestyle group, e.g.  African-American, Asian, Hispanic, LGBT, People with Disabilities, etc.   



It's time to talk about The Talk

Established in 2006, P&G’s “My Black Is Beautiful” platform was created to celebrate the beauty – inside and out – of African-American women. But as racial bias re-emerged as a divisive theme in the United States, the brand, a longtime advocate of improved lives for all, recognized the need to go beyond beauty. Through a film called “The Talk”, P&G succeeded in sparking a thoughtful, national conversation – one that went beyond shampoo and diapers to launch a new dialogue for the future we build together.

Brand: Procter & Gamble "My Black is Beautiful"
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: BBDO New York

Strands for Trans

If you’re transgender, a simple haircut can be a magnet for discrimination. Inspired by Pride Month’s inclusive values, Barba Men’s Salon launched “Strands for Trans” and rallied against the hate. By tapping into the LGBTQ community’s hearts, minds and flair—Barba sparked a movement that generated 14MM earned media impressions during Pride month, attracted the support of fashion icon Marc Jacobs, and led  barber shops and salons in every state, including the red states, to sign up as trans-friendly on the first online registry. All with a budget of $10,000.

Brand: Barba Men’s Grooming Boutique
Client: Barba Men’s Grooming Boutique
Agency: Terri & Sandy

All Strong Hair Is Beautiful: How Pantene Built Brand Love & Credibility with African American Women

To grow brands often need to reach out to new audience segments with whom your brand has zero credibility. But new audiences know how to sniff out a brand that’s trying to exploit them vs. truly cater to them. This is the story of how Pantene, a massive CPG brand identified the female African American segment as a growth opportunity, took the time to truly understand them, and earned trust by creating emotional value, driving earned media coverage, positive sentiment and, ultimately, incremental growth – despite limited distribution.

Brand: Pantene
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Grey New York

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