Multicultural & Lifestyle Segments

Any effort whose success was dependent on effectively connecting with a specific cultural or lifestyle group, e.g.  African-American, Asian, Hispanic, LGBT, People with Disabilities, etc.   



New Friends

Pampers Cruisers faced numerous challenges prior to the launch of the New Friends campaign; loyal consumers to the market leader brand, strong competitive promotional activity, declining market share, and having to develop advertising based on a General Market strategic concept that didn't resonate with Hispanic consumers. Despite these odds and numerous sales and equity objectives, the New Friends campaign not only delivered a $ share increase 380% higher than client expectations, but also strengthened Product Awareness by 32%, and significantly increased Purchase Intent by 86% and Brand Loyalty by 98% for Cruisers.

Brand: Pampers
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Conill Advertising

Secondhand Smoke: Spanish

How do you move people from understanding the health risks of secondhand smoke to actually taking action? That was the challenge facing the New Mexico Department of Health Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Program. The answer was found by highlighting the irony of people's propensity to take action to prevent much less threatening health hazards such as hair in food, a dropped fork or lipstick on a glass. And the awakening that this campaign created has protected many New Mexicans from additional exposure to secondhand smoke.

Brand: New Mexico Department of Health
Client: New Mexico Department of Health
Agency: McKee Wallwork Henderson

The Black Experience

Our greatest challenge was positioning Nissan as comparable to Toyota & Honda, without the benefit of lower prices or greater reliability. We opted to illustrate a real Shift_ by creating communications in which the consumer, not the car, is hero. This approach gave us the opportunity to acknowledge the struggles endured by African Americans as well as celebrate the successes. We succeeded in illustrating Nissan's understanding, acknowledgement & appreciation of the African American community & Nissan was rewarded with increased opinion, consideration, intentions & market-share.

Brand: Nissan North America
Client: Nissan North America
Agency: True Agency

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