Branded Content

This category is for efforts that effectively reached their audience through the creation of original branded content that is not advertising.  The award honors branded content led ideas that are the heart of the communications program. 



Coke Studio Explorer 2018

With Coke Studio Explorer, we dove deeper into our cultural DNA to introduce our youth to the sounds and music of Pakistan - the 4 provinces and Azad Kashmir. We explored their indigenous sounds, instruments and ethnic music from each region and took it to a global stage. With the immense critical and international acclaim, Coke Studio Explorer was truly an embodiment of Passion for Pakistan – generating immense pride for Pakistan and Coke (Studio) among the Target Audience

Brand: Coke Studio Explorer 2018
Client: Coca Cola Pakistan
Agency: Front Foot Media

Beyond the Label

In Singapore, people with mental health conditions live in the shadow of a cultural Goliath – popular misperceptions, negative stereotypes and other widespread biases that make life miserable. NCSS wanted to encourage Singaporeans to be more supportive and inclusive – which would mean confronting this Goliath. Our campaign harnessed proven reframing techniques to deliver significant (20%, 50%, even 80%+) positive shifts in Singaporeans' knowledge, attitudes and behavior – far surpassing all its goals. So while our “slingshot” may not have slain the giant, it ‘s cut him down to size.

Brand: National Council of Social Service
Client: National Council of Social Service
Agency: McCann Worldgroup (Singapore)

Knorr Noodles Boriyat Busters

Knorr Noodles built itself on a ‘fun and adventure’ based positioning. All communications have focused on highlighting Knorr as a fun filled snack with its animated characters.Given the competitive heat around our differentiated positioning, simultaneously evolving media and entertainment landscape it was imperative that we take a leap in the way we communicate. We needed to come up with a new way of communication to reinforce and further strengthen Knorr Noodles’.We developed a platform which could take over as the natural evolution from Knorr’s original stand point of eliminating boredom.

Brand: Knorr
Client: Unilever (Pakistan)
Agency: Y Production

2019_eu_2019_e-209-988_hero_1 Fresenius FX Dialysers 12 Hours of Blue
2019_ru_2019_2422_hero_1 2x2 TV and Tutureal 2х2
2019_ro_2019_35_hero_1 Vodafone Brand Campaign “Live Beautifully”

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