Engaged Community

This category is about managing effective, engaged communities.  Entrants will be brands that are creating content, experiences, and platforms that get their communities to grow, act or amplify messaging in a way that directly relates to the brand's goal.



White Hats Wanted

Cyber-attacks are wreaking havoc in the United States. As the largest military branch, the Army is responsible for defending Americans from all kinds of threats including cyber attacks.  But to do so, they need to attract the few recruits with elite hacking skills. “White Hats Wanted” used a conventional TV ad as a magnet via a coded message that only a skilled hacker would spot.  

Brand: U.S. Army
Client: U.S. Army
Agency: McCann New York

El Community de Carl’s

Brand: Carl´s Jr.
Client: Carl´s Jr.
Agency: Interaction

A Meme Gallery

The general learning disabled, due to lack of social interaction, are often neglected and forgotten. Can the power of technology bring equality to this community, help them voice their identity? We created a HTML5 digital gallery of artwork of 36 general learning disabled individuals. Users were able to engage these individuals by spending 1 RMB using WeChat Pay to purchase their painting. On the same day we urged every WeChat user to donate their “Moment”and frame this painting on their social space, linking public care into a continuing digital gallery.

Brand: Tencent
Client: Tencent
Agency: Tencent

2018_na_2018_e-2676-734_hero_1 Equality NC Stop HB2
2018_cr_2018_20_hero_1 Tutto Tutto Arándanos: Hecho con Ganas
2018_cr_2018_41_hero_1 Tutto Tutto Chocolovers

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