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Efforts for prescription required drugs that are directed to patients and/or consumers.  Note: Entrants must detail any regulatory challenges that impacted the effort.




Juvederm Injectable gel entered the highly competitive wrinkle relief marketplace with a very specific goal in mind: Tell people how Juvederm can help them regain the younger, refreshed look that they are used to seeing in the mirror. With four new DTC competitive brands scheduled to launch right on the heels of Juvederm, the brand had only one year to make a strong, differentiating impact with consumers. We needed a high-impact, highly-educational and highly consumer-friendly communications program if we had any chance of succeeding in capturing market share. And most critically, we needed to teach women to speak the language of fillers so they could identify their needs to physicians.

Brand: Juvederm
Client: Allergan, Inc.
Agency: Grey

Your Dreams Miss You

This brand, the first innovation in sleep medicines in nearly 35 years, launched in a highly competitive environment. The goal was to seed the idea that if sleep sufferers want help with insomnia, something new was available. The breakthrough idea was not about how people missed their dreams but rather how their dreams missed them. By using traditional and emerging media, Rozerem engaged people in places where they might experience stress and losing sleep. Reaction was immediate and positive, with an increase in traffic to and in new perscriptions.

Brand: Rozerem
Client: Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt

Passion / Power

The Lantus Passion/Power campaign was developed to withstand the first competitive threat in the Brands history. Faced with two revolutionary, new product entrants in the diabetes category and a direct competitor, each challenged Lantus' #1 brand position in a different way. Moreover, Lantus had very low awareness among its core target as the brand hadn't advertised before in any significant way. A strategy based on a solid foundation of consumer insight surrounding the emotional impact of diabetes in sufferers and a core functional point of difference were leveraged. While it would have been easy to go the safe, traditional DTC medical advertising route, Lantus chose a more engaging, aspirational creative approach. The campaign created a successful barrier against the competitive upstarts and resulted in the brand meeting its objectives.

Brand: Lantus
Client: sanofi-aventis
Agency: Euro RSCG Tonic

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