Communication efforts eligible for this award must be for a single brand idea running across multiple countries.



It's Playtime

Canon expected much when it launched its digital Single-Lens-Reflex (SLR) camera, the EOS 350D in 2005: double volume sales and defend its market share against Nikon. For that Canon had to change the mass market's perception that SLR cameras are large, complicated and only for photo-buffs. The EOS 350D and cayenne's 'It's Playtime' campaign succeeded beyond expectations: Canon raised the appeal of digital SLR photography by 47%, grew its sales in the entry-segment by 135%, its market share by 9ppt - while Nikon's share declined by 12 ppt.

Brand: Canon EOS 350D Digital SLR Camera
Client: Canon Europe
Agency: cayenne communications BV

Philadelphia - A Little Taste of Heaven

The Philadelphia Heavenly Angel campaign has been running in a number of countries for several years. It has embodied the 'Best of Global, Best of Local' philosophy, by providing a powerful and distinctive global brand platform, with the flexibility to be tailored to local cultural and marketing requirements. Here the challenge was to improve on Heaven, and reinvigorate the campaign to take it forward into the 21st century. The new look Heaven, with young, dynamic angels, has succeeded in meeting the objective of giving new impetus to the Philadelphia brand - whether delivering growth in a very mature market, adding volume through new usage opportunities, or launching a completely new line to generate incremental sales. Heaven just got a little better.

Brand: Kraft Philadelphia
Client: Kraft Foods, Inc.
Agency: JWT

i'm lovin' it

Going into 2003, McDonald's business was slumping around the world. Brand relevance was fading; the company was losing its emotional connection with customers. A key factor in turning the business around was the development and implementation of a global advertising campaign, born out of McDonald's brand essence of enduring youthfulness, fun and vitality. The campaign not only conveyed a more contemporary attitude for McDonald's, it also revitalized customers' emotional connection, created more positive feelings about the brand and ultimately increased transactions and expanded sales.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's Corporation
Agency: DDB Chicago

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