Communication efforts eligible for this award must be for a single brand idea running across multiple countries.



adidas/Impossible is Nothing

The primary objective of this launch was to execute the first integrated global advertising campaign for adidas. This goal was no doubt accomplished, with 40 countries worldwide featuring iconic Impossible is Nothing creative via highly impactful media vehicles. Additionally, it was critical to allow for messaging flexibility among all countries involved. Athletes that were relevant to the respective markets were featured, with their own "impossible" stories enhancing the connection between the local consumer and adidas' Impossible is Nothing messaging. Finally, from a quantitative standpoint, advertising awareness needed to increase +20% across the globe. Average global awareness increased almost double that number, +39%.

Brand: adidas
Client: adidas International B.V.
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day

True Stories

By exploiting its under-leveraged Compak variant, Tampax has managed to rejuvenate its image and become the most in-touch brand with its consumers while building the business in an unprecedented way. The global success of the campaign testifies to its strength, especially as the product has remained unchanged since its introduction on the market that was years prior to the start of the advertising. Phenomenal business results are consistently coupled with clear-cut leadership on equity indicators making it increasingly harder for competitors and newcomers alike to gain market share.

Brand: Tampax Compak
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Leo Burnett USA


The MasterCard Multinational case study is the archetypal "underdog overcomes adversity" story - in which the challenger leverages and extends a powerful branding idea in order to flourish in the face of adversity. Following a decade in which MasterCard was buffeted by growing share of its key competitor and lack of marketing support in local markets, MasterCard since has succeeded in reversing the tide. As a result of the Priceless campaign, MasterCard today continues to enjoy unprecedented brand and business momentum with a singular global campaign in 101 countries around the world.

Brand: MasterCard
Client: MasterCard Worldwide
Agency: McCann Erickson

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