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The award honors media led ideas that are powerful enough to become the genesis of the communications program itself.



Undercover Color: Dare to Share

Known as a leader in comfort, but not style, Hanes was losing share in the womens underwear category. Competitors were reaching a younger demo by offering panties that were comfortable AND stylish. Millennial women, known for expressing themselves through their personal style, didnt consider Hanes fashionable. Knowing Millennial women share taboo information in public, social contexts, Hanes gave women a platform to reveal their undercover color. Results showed a 17.4-point lift for the statement "Hanes products are for someone like me" vs. women not exposed to the digital campaign.

Brand: HanesBrands Inc.
Client: HanesBrands Inc.
Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group

Mezamashii Run Project

Mizuno had just 7% brand favorability, a running shoe that felt hard and stiff on the sales floor and 1% of the industrys ad spend to work with. But they knew that runners logging more than 20 miles a week would prefer Mizuno shoes if they could just TRY them instead of merely TRY THEM ON. When a word-of-mouth campaign called The Mezamashii Run Project put shoes on running feet, both favorability and store sales increased. And a sustainable community of fans who are now wear-testing Mizuno products was born.

Brand: Mizuno
Client: Mizuno
Agency: McKinney

Johnsonville Kitchens

To win in the cooking space with only about $1.4 million in media, Johnsonville turned to online. We looked at all of the gobbledygook that comes after .com in a URL to determine exactly what our mom target was thinking at that moment. Then, we let her mindset write the ads for us to push mom from awareness through purchase and all the way down the purchase funnel to re-purchase. As a result, Johnsonville had the best Italian sausage sales quarter in the company's 67-year history.

Brand: Johnsonville Sausage
Client: Johnsonville
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt

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