Carpe Diem - Products

This award will go to those marketing ideas that had the ability to burn intensely for a finite period of time, putting a brand or product in a bright spotlight and creating immediate and measurable impact.



Breaking the Theatrical Mould

Brand: The Book Thief
Client: 20th Century Fox
Agency: ZenithOptimedia

Mall Arauco Maipu

Brand: Mall Arauco Maipu
Client: Mall Arauco Maipu
Agency: Raya

Shake It Up, America

March 2012, a Romney advisor said, " hit a reset button for the fall campaign...almost like an Etch A Sketch. You...shake it up and we start all over ..." The media ran with this and Etch A Sketch started to stand for someone who flip-flops. We decided to take control of our brand message, have fun, and embrace being part of the conversation. With no media spend whatsoever, our Shake It Up, America! campaign garnered 1 billion impressions worth hundreds of millions of paid media dollars.

Brand: Etch A Sketch
Client: The Ohio Art Company
Agency: Team Detroit Inc.

2019_us_2019_e-4297-096_hero_1 L.L.Bean Be an Outsider at Work
2018_ec_2018_53_hero_1 Floralp Cosechando lo sembrado
2018_ec_2018_55_hero_1 Pilsener La fiesta de todos

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