Shopper Marketing: Awareness, Trial, and Conversion

For efforts that used shopper insights to increase awareness and trial to lead to conversion for their established product/brands.



Cottonelle - Better Together

Cottonelle set out to change the toilet paper shopping experience. Its goal was to increase quality support and brand dollar volume 20% and 5.6% respectively. We achieved and exceeded objectives resulting in 23% increase in quality support and 5.95% in brand dollar volume.

Brand: Cottonelle
Client: Kimberly-Clark
Agency: Geometry Global

The Great American Try-On

In 2011, the adult care category was filled with old-people perceptions and outdated options. Depend brand set out to change perceptions and elevate category expectations with a modern new product. However, shoppers wouldn't listen at-shelf: they were extremely embarrassed in-aisle and with Depend products in their cart. Testing showed shoppers had to try the product to believe it. So we distributed over 3.2MM samples and carried excitement of the buzz-worthy national campaign to the aisle. The new line achieved 9.8% category share, surpassing year-end sales goals in only 5 months.

Brand: Depend
Client: Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Agency: OgilvyAction

Latte Love

Adult woman love their lattes. And lattes contain twice more milk than coffee! To boost retail sales, we inspired shoppers to rethink their lattes and showed them an easy way to make them at home. POS intercepted shoppers in the milk and coffee aisles across 13,000+ stores with a 3-step recipe, a QR-code for a how-to video, and a mobile call-to-action. Digital, PR, advertising, and social media drove consumers to the Facebook app for more recipes and an hourly sweepstakes. The campaign results exceeded the sales goal by 47%.

Brand: MilkPEP
Client: Milk Processors Education Program (MilkPEP)
Agency: Draftfcb

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