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Tested by the Market

Asbestos cement shingles (“shifer”) had been taking the lion share of roofing material market for nearly a century. But last ten years its position faltered. We needed to remind consumers about “shifer” and remove consumption barriers. We created a universal brand for different asbestos plants product and common communication platform – website “shifer.rf”. Two staged campaign appealed to rational and emotional motives and directed potential buyers to website. Within a single key message, different creative and media strategies were created focused on different target audiences. Sales increased by 27% amidst market contraction.

Brand: Shifer.rf
Client: Chrysotile Association
Agency: Liberty Marketing Bureau

Socovesa, Todo es Diseño

Brand: Socovesa
Client: Socovesa
Agency: Opendor

For when the depa?

Brand: Alamo Residencial
Client: SSC inmobiliaria
Agency: esferacc

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