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Following a record-breaking 2015 that made their iconic ‘Superstar’ the best selling shoe in the world, adidas Originals bet its business on expanding beyond retro-cool heritage by introducing its first entirely new shoe design - the ‘NMD’. Despite a lack of mega-celebrity support, our work established the NMD as the symbol of the brand’s future, and an inspiration for a new generation to create a future of their own, resulting in the most successful product launch in Original’s history - selling more shoes, with greater ROI, than any previous effort.

Brand: adidas Originals
Client: adidas
Agency: Johannes Leonardo

Campagne de marque

Brand: Lipault
Client: Lipault Samsonite SAS
Agency: So Bang

L-l-l-light effort with Le-le-le-Boutique

In situation of quick growth of the new marketplace format and thwarting of e-commerce market expansion in fashion segment Leboutique outdone the numbers of successful 2016 year and secured the financing of large-scale business transformation for 2017.

Brand: Leboutique
Client: Leboutique
Agency: PROVID

2018_na_2018_e-2624-703_hero_1 New Balance Everyday Performance
2017_kr_2017_03_hero_1 Mizuno #Mizuno_A_Half_Pair Campaign
2016_kr_2016_33_hero_1 ROGATIS Smart Suit, Becomes Life

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