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Original Is Never Finished

To build on two record-breaking years in the face of growing competition and complex market dynamics, adidas Originals had to break from its reliance on individual products like Superstar and NMD, and elevate the entire brand. With the word ‘Original’ in its very name, the brand made a powerful statement about originality on behalf of today’s streetwear influencers. The campaign served as a powerful demonstration of reinvention that unified key markets, took over the conversation in streetwear, and sold more shoes than any in the history of Originals.

Brand: adidas Originals
Client: adidas
Agency: Johannes Leonardo


Brand: Lacoste
Client: Lacoste
Agency: Betc


Following a record-breaking 2015 that made their iconic ‘Superstar’ the best selling shoe in the world, adidas Originals bet its business on expanding beyond retro-cool heritage by introducing its first entirely new shoe design - the ‘NMD’. Despite a lack of mega-celebrity support, our work established the NMD as the symbol of the brand’s future, and an inspiration for a new generation to create a future of their own, resulting in the most successful product launch in Original’s history - selling more shoes, with greater ROI, than any previous effort.

Brand: adidas Originals
Client: adidas
Agency: Johannes Leonardo

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