Shopper Marketing: Challenger Brand Solutions

This is an award for smaller, new, or emerging brands making inroads against big, established leaders.



Xfinity Mobile Launch

We know that shoppers are consuming data like never before, and that they seek to outsmart data plans with WiFi. Xfinity Mobile is the only carrier that gives subscribers access to 18 million WiFi hotspots AND the largest 4G LTE network in market. So now, shoppers can jump on and off WiFi whenever, wherever. And when they do need to use data, it’s at a great price. The solution drove shopper consideration, traffic and conversion, beating all goals and converting 5% of our competitors’ customers.

Brand: Comcast
Client: Comcast/XFINITY
Agency: FCB/RED

The Baby Stroller Test-Ride by Contours

Contours is a small brand in the premium stroller category that was able to turn a minimal budget and powerful insight into an effective never-been-done-before solution. "The Baby Stroller Test-Ride" lets parents experience first-hand what their babies can't describe. We created an in-store product demonstration and compelling social content to influence more stroller shoppers online, where they research and share. 

Brand: Contours
Client: Kolcraft
Agency: FCB/RED

2017_sme_2017_e-86-506_hero_1 Walmart Family Mobile "Plus" Launch
2017_na_2017_e-1371-040_hero_1 Outdoor Advertising Association of America Feel the Real
2017_sme_2017_e-151-915_hero_1 Tom's of Maine Tom's of Maine Personal Care with a Purpose at Target

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