Branded Utility

This category honors marketers who are creating a product in response to the marketing or business challenged faced that is NOT being sold in order to provide utility to consumers. 



MyQuit Support Program

To provide meaningful support to smokers resolved to quit—but challenged by the behavioral and time management changes required—we created the MyQuit app and eCRM programs to offer personalized support to attune quitters to their smoking triggers, reinforce effective craving management, and track and celebrate progress throughout the quit journey. MyQuit powered a 143% brand lift for the Nicorette and NicoDerm brands, and, more critically, drove 54% of participants to complete the 8- or 12-week program successfully without relapsing.

Brand: Nicoderm CQ
Client: GSK
Agency: Wunderman Health

Care Counts

For more than one hundred years, Whirlpool has been committed to building appliances that enable the everyday care so necessary for families to thrive. That's why, when we found out kids were missing school because they lack clean clothes - we knew that we had to do something. Whirlpool created the Care Counts program to see how something as important as attendance rates could be impacted by the simple act of laundry. Whirlpool changed kids lives for the better by enabling them to succeed, increasing attendance rates by 93%.

Brand: Whirlpool
Client: Whirlpool
Agency: DigitasLBi

MMDA IsThereAProblem,Officer?.com

Brand: MMDA
Client: Metro Manila Development Authority
Agency: McCann Worldgroup Philippines

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