Feb 07, 2019

​Helsingin Sanomat & TBWA\ Helsinki’s Press Freedom Campaign Wins Grand at the 2018 Effie Awards Finland

February 7, 2019

"The Land of Free Press” by Helsingin Sanomat & TBWA\ Helsinki won the most prestigious award at the Effie Awards Finland 2018. It also won a Gold Effie in the Media Idea category.

The campaign highlighted the importance of freedom of the press during the Putin-Trump summit. Helsingin Sanomat filled the outdoor advertising spaces along the top conference routes with headlines about President Putin and President Trump.

In Russia and the United States, the relationship with free media has been problematic recently, and the issue of freedom of the press is an international priority. The campaign attracted visibility in 56 countries and supported the growing international movement for press freedom.

“[The] Grand Effie [is awarded to] a campaign that was definitely one of the finest marketing efforts last year, internationally rated. It is marketing that goes directly to the purpose of the brand's existence. We will all agree that if the Land of Free Press had not done so, it would have been a tragedy,” says Miska Rajasuo, CEO, Bob The Robot.

“The goal of our Effie collaboration is to highlight the importance of impressive marketing communications. It is great to note that in Finland, marketing is truly international. Congratulations to all the great winners,” says Director Karri Ahonen from Sanoma Media Finland.

Effie Awards Finland rewards the most effective Finnish marketing annually. The competition is organized by the Federation of Marketing, Technology and Creativity Mtl. For many years, the media partner has been Sanoma Media Finland.

In addition to Grand Effie, the 2018 competition awarded three Gold, three Silver and three Bronze Effie Awards.

View the full winner list below or at the Effie Finland website.

Grand Effie

"The Land of Free Press” by TBWA\ Helsinki, Jcdecaux Finland, Clear Channel Finland, Helsinki Messages

Media Categories

Gold Effie
"The Land of Free Press” by TBWA\ Helsinki, Jcdecaux Finland, ClearChannel Finland, Helsinki Messages
Silver Effie
"Hihna247” by Carat Finland, Insane, Source Creative, Craft Finland, TBWA HelsinkiMany Sanoma Creatives

Products and Services Categories

Gold Effie
"Postcard Campaign” by Folk, Power Helsinki, Miracle Sound, Valve Media, Lidl Finland
Silver Effie
"#LIFEINHEL” by TBWA\ Helsinki, CLOCK, Dagmar, Finavia
Bronze Effie
"BRUSKE-a tool brand that There fell in love with” by Bob the Robot, Bob the Robot Pictures, Bob the Robot Engage, Tokmanni
Bronze Effie
"Do Sirkkaleipä (Cricket Bread) - a fresh start to a global phenomenon” by SEK, Dagmar, DigiPeople Studio, Fazer Bakeries

Business Challenge Categories

Gold Effie

"Alepa Housing Block Chatbot” by Carat Finland, Accenture, Wörks, TBWA\ HelsinkiShop AvidlyHOK-Elanto,
Silver Effie
"Hartwall Original Long Drink Dairy Shop” by Bob the Robot, Dagmar, Cocoa Mediaproductions, LataamoHartwall
Bronze Effie
"Lidl Stingy - Live like it was the last day of summer” by Folk Finland, Power Helsinki, Directors Guild, La Boc, Lidl Finland

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For more information:
Miska Rajasuo, Chief Referee, 050 371 0267
Tarja Virmala, Managing Director of MTL, tel. + 358 40 048 4693

This press release originally appeared on the Effie Finland website; it has been translated and lightly edited for clarity.