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National Geographic Russia
Photo Ar

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: The popular sience channels audience is people 25-49 y/o with upper and middle income (based on TgSat%, TotalDay, Jan-Jun 2017). Nevertheless sustainability issues are relevant for this audience (“I worry about the level of environment pollution” - 49%, Affinity Index 101; Source: RTGI, 2017 H2, 25-49, All) – a few of them declare being ready to participate in charity or sustainable companies activities (“I donate to charities regularly” – Vert 21%, Affinity Index 111% (based on data from RTGI, 2017 H2, 25-49, All)

Objectives: A. BUSINESS: increase number of National Geographic channel subscribers (coverage) more than 5% (benchmark is on market average and the previous channel traditional approach marketing campaigns, such as "Planet Earth" and "Big Cats" launches in 2018, data source: Mediascope (TNS) TV Index+, Russia, 100К+)B. CHANGE OF AUDIENCE PERCEPTION: increase awareness of National Geographic channel sustainability and pay attention at the extinct species problem in the massive volumes of content flow (create viral reach thanks to relevant subject and publicity interest) – get incremental PR-value 50% higher than marketing budget invested

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian