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A car for subscribers from AcademeG

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Our project’s main target audience is male drivers in the 25-35 demographic (which accounts for more than 44% of car owners in Russia according to Autostat). They use their vehicles all the time and this is why car-related expenses (at the very least gas) are an integral part of their budgets.   The second important criterion is being digitally friendly. Tinkoff does not have physical outlets, so mobile banking is at the core of the bank-consumer relationship. Therefore a user who doesn’t feel comfortable using the Internet won’t find the bank to be convenient.

Objectives: The primary objective is financial gain: boosting the Tinkoff Drive portfolio by 10% while increasing the number of Tinkoff Drive cards issued by 30% during the course of the project. Meanwhile our audience quality (how actively consumers use the card and their average account balance) should be at least at the current level.   Our secondary objective is marketing: successful integration with a YouTube opinion leader to fortify our stance in this segment while communicating with both the audience and other YouTube channels.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian