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The launch of new TV series House Arrest

RAN IN: Russia


Audience:  The core audience of «House Arrest» is wide, 20-25 ALL, interested in the coolest and newest projects both international and Russian. It was crucial for us to attract people who are used to buying content online, who may be a subscriber of the most popular online video services: IVI, OKKO, Амедиатека, Netflix, MEGOGO. Moreover we actively used our media resources: TV-broadcasting and  owned digital media to encourage our audience join TNT-Premier subscription.

Objectives: The main business goal was to attract as many TNT-Premier subscribers as possible by the use of “House Arrest”. At the same time we had a goal connected with boosting our brand image. By creating and promoting “House Arrest” we wanted to let disloyal viewers know that TNT is not only about light comedies but also deep and provocative projects.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian