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Savin House
Savin House. The Continuation of the legend

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: Men and women, 25-55, family-oriented, with children. Active, working in Kazan, top managers, large companies managers, officials, intellectuals, athletes. Income - from 1.2 million rubles/year. From in-depth interviews with wealthy citizens of Kazan, we received an introduction for brand: - Kazan people love their city and  traditions. Family, generation link, clan are crucial. - It's equally important to be in trend. The region is characterized by the integration of traditions and modern trends, a combination of different cultures. Landmarks-Western cities, Dubai - Modern architecture is the strong point of our project. - Green colour is inscribed in the cityscape.

Objectives: Commercial purpose: according to the initial plan, sales were to start with an average price of 77,000 rubles per sq.m. Schedule for booking of apartments (on the basis of data of Federal state statistics service of bookings of competitors projects) - 15 apartments per month to the end of 2018.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian