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Maybelline New York

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Young girls of 15–19, senior school or first-year college students. Regularly use foundations to conceal skin imperfections. Active users of YouTube and other social media.* They absolutely do not trust advertising: when buying, they are guided primarily by the advice of friends, reviews in social networks and only 5% listen to advertising. ** Moreover, they often even install special software to block advertising on the Internet.*RosIndeks, 2Q 2017, women 15-19 y.o., cities of +100 thousand.**Magram MR & PBN H + K “Young & Younger”, May 2017

Objectives: Commercial objective: By growing Fit Me, which showed a negative trend (–27.5%)* strengthen the leadership positions of Maybelline in foundations market in order to offset its fall (-23%)* as soon as possible. Measurement tool: AC Nielsen market research (Maybelline and Fit Me shares in value and volume). Brand image objective in digital: To attract attention of the audience to Fit Me advertising by engaging in communication. Measurement tool: Level of audience interaction with advertising content (total views, viral views, percentage of watching to the end) *AC Nielsen, Nov-Dec 2017, Sep-Dec 2017, volume

Language: English, Russian