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Tochka bank
3 years: it's not a matter of money

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Target audience is entrepreneurs, All 25-35 y.o.:People making decisions about the change of the bank – owners, directors and chief accountants.Micro, small and medium businesses with 200+ employees.Mostly moderate-size turnover, for their owners their own money and the money of the company are identical things.The core of the target audience:Business hipsters – not very profitable audience for the bank, but they are active and technologically advanced; trendsetters of the communication space.

Objectives: Commercial:Switch to financial sustainability in 2017180.000 clients by the end of 2018Marketing:Level of awareness by the end of 2019: unaided awareness – 14%, aided awareness – 30%;forming perception of Tochka as of the bank of choice at 20% of the target audience (from the aided awareness)Communicational goal:To be fundamentally different from the competitors in image and tone of voice: attribute “different from others” and unique identity of the advertising materials (no mixing with the competitors);Forming an image of a modern client-oriented bank.

Type: B2B

Language: English, Russian