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BONPARI VIBES: only 3 seconds to great results

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: All 14-35 with inner child mindset, open to fun and curious about life on this planet. VKONTAKTE is their favorite media, 61% of them use it every day (according to Mediascope, WEB-Index (daily audience), September 2017, vk.com is the most popular social media among people aged 14-35). VK audience consume terabytes of content every day, their attention is so limited - almost skewed to few seconds chance to be recognized and appraised. Brand challenge was to make them recognize brand video while scrolling their news feed and pay attention, and watch twice or more something disruptive that worth spending few seconds more of their lives.

Objectives: Behavioral objective: shorten as much as possible gap in TOM (measured by Advertising Effectiveness survey). Communication objective: to gain high VTR (view through rate, share of 100% completed views of the ad; measured by VKONTAKTE). Business objective: growth volume market share at degree higher then market growth (measured by A.C. Nielsen sales data). Importance of Top of Mind awareness is determined by specifics of impulse categories. Importance of high VTR is determined by significant level of advertising clutter. High VTR states that communication was watched till the end by many consumers and was interesting to them. It also means that it would be probably better remembered.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian