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"White Collars VS Helmets"

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: The target audience of the project are young people in three age groups: 1.Senior schoolchildren (15 18 y.o.). 2.Students (18 22 y.o.) of oil and gas faculties of the Perm universities and colleges. 3.Young specialists (21 30 y.o.), who have joined the company recently and work on the operator positions. Despite different social statuses, almost 90% of the target audience represent Generation Z (born after 1996). According to researches, this generation tends more towards tangible values, and its representatives are more pragmatic and ambitious that the previous generation, but at the same time is not ready to expend so much effort to achieve their goals. Generation Z doesnt watch TV, but spends a lot of time in the social networks. Young people communicate, work and live there most of the time, having given up TV idols for the people from their circle young, active bloggers, rap-singers, streamers, often anonymous admins of public pages.

Objectives: LUKOIL-PERM goal development of the employer of choice image with the help of a unique communication format. Educational institution goal enhancing the attractiveness of certain masters disciplines and areas of specialization. Projects participants goal development of a successful graduate image and prospective employment. The quantitative goal for the authors of the project White Collars VS Helmets was not less than 200,000 viewing of the project episodes in the social networks VKontakte, the most popular social network of the Russian youth. The qualitative goal was the receiving of positive feedback from the schoolchildren, students and young specialists of the company about the informativeness and practical value of the project.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian