Oct 29, 2018

Announcing the Winners of the 2018 Effie Awards Poland

The winners received 13 gold, 26 silver, and 16 bronze statuettes.

On 29 October, in the Great Theatre—National Opera in Warsaw, 2018 Effie Awards Poland Jury Chair Tomasz Lisewski, Global Head of Brand, Communications & Digital and Marketing at Philips, handed out 55 awards in 24 categories to ad creators and advertisers for the most effective marketing activities of 2017. In Poland, the competition is organised by SAR Marketing Communication Association.

The Effie Awards were judged and awarded by leaders of expert groups and representatives of the competition's and gala's sponsors. The Gala was hosted by Piotr Kraśko, a journalist and television presenter. 
In the 19th edition of the Effie Awards Poland competition, the gold statuettes went to the following campaigns: 
  • "IKEA po sąsiedzku” – created by Agencja Warszawa for IKEA (in the Brand Experience category)
  • "Born in 1999" [Rocznik 1999] – created by VML Poland for mBank (in the Finance category)
  • "Make it possible" – created by Wavemarker, DDB&tribal, OMD, LH, and Digital Resolution for Huawei (in the Long Term Marketing Excellence category)
  • "Young God" [Młody Bóg] – created by Starcom, BBDO Warszawa, and Publicis for Prudential (in the Long Term Marketing Excellence category)
  • "DrWitt. Healthy everyday" [DrWitt. Na co dzień na zdrowie] – created by Heads Advertising and Mindshare for Maspex Group (in the Beverages – Non-Alcohol category)
  • "What's the colour of air at your home?" [Jaki kolor ma powietrze w Twoim domu?] – created by Ogilvy, Carat Polska, iProspect Polska, Posterscope, and PTR Digital for Philips (in the New Technologies category)
  • "26. WOŚP Final" [26. Finał WOŚP] – created by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation (in the Positive Change: Social Education and Pro Bono category)
  • "To the last tree standing" [Do ostatniego drzewa] – created by Ogilvy, Gameset, LifeTube, and Facebook for Greenpeace (in the Positive Change: Social Education and Pro Bono category)
  • "Kitchen lifeprooved" [Ta kuchnia sprawdza się w życiu] – created by Wavemaker, Grey Group Poland, Performance Media, Kalicińscy, and Loyalty Point for IKEA (in the Retail / Sales Channels category)
  • "Ukraine" [Ukraina] – created by Grandes Kochonos and Mediacom Warszawa for Play (in the Telecommunication category)
  • "Kurpiotastic!" [Kurpiodobre!] – created by Saatchi & Saatchi IS and Blue 449 for JBB Bałdyga (in the Food category)
  • "WOŚP plays with partners" [Fundacja WOŚP gra z partnerami] – created by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, Złoty Melon, and Boscata for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation (in the Marketing & Business Solutions category)
  • “IKEA Family – data-driven business transformation” [IKEA Family – transformacja danowa firmy] – created by IKEA, Loyalty Point, and Wavemaker for IKEA (in the Marketing & Business Solutions category) 

Distinguished agencies:
The title of the Most Effective Agency went to Saatchi & Saatchi IS, and the Most Effective Media Agency of the year to Wavemaker. They placed first in Effie Poland's 2018 rankings. 
In this year's edition of Effie Awards, we received submissions in 24 categories. The cases were assessed by an over 100-person jury, supervised by 9 chairs from expert groups and the jury chair. It was the first time awards were given in the Marketing & Business Solutions category, in which the cases’ results were evaluated in the context of the market environment, challenge and goals, strategic idea, tools chosen for its implementation, and its final effects. 

"I'm happy with the notable increase in the level of marketing activities in Poland as well as the pace of changes, which reflects the global trends and ranks Poland very high in many of the categories among other countries. I'm also happy with the dynamic growth of the agencies, which are increasingly becoming marketers' business partners. These changes are happening everywhere – starting from family companies, start-ups and non-profit organisations up to big companies and agencies. It shows that Effie is doing a good job in Poland. We were pleased to see the changes in the applications for the new category – Marketing and Business Solutions, which had its world debut in Poland. We already know that it's going to be introduced on other markets according to the Polish concept. The category recognises not only individual activities but also whole marketing programmes. You can apply with any activity or business concept which has positively affected the market position of your brand, product or service. By this, we mean activities such as a change of packaging, introduction or change to the loyalty scheme; introduction of a new distribution channel; using e-commerce or state-of-the-art technology in points of sale as well as introduction of a brand new product in a category in which the marketer was already present or engaging consumers in the creation of products. Debut applications were at a very high level, and the Jury rigorously assessed them when awarding the prizes," Tomasz Lisewski, Jury Chair, Global Head of Brand, Communications & Digital and Marketing at Philips said during the Gala.

He added, "Digital and technological transformation leads to changes in marketing activities; from striving to strike fastest possible deals up to building a personalised relationship with the client or from mass communication to building individual experience with the brand. Due to these changes a growing number of marketers start to ask themselves new questions: instead of the classic 'how to improve my product?', they ask 'how to make the customer's life better or easier?'. It's because of these changes that we see more and more innovations in service and business models, which, in turn, opens up a completely new area for marketing development, as well as business on the whole."
During the Gala, we also announced Effie's new educational project:
"We are talking about a change in the attitude to marketing and the role of the CMO in the organisation. We hear that marketing is increasingly often responsible for the activities of whole companies: brand value, consumer experience, business, company growth, and results. We feel that this year's category, Effie Marketing & Business Solutions, is a response to these changes and challenges. CMOs, marketers, and marketing departments are redefining themselves, their goals, and their standards. Agencies are also redefining themselves, their structures and services for marketing construed as business. To facilitate these changes, Effie is changing from a competition into a full-year educational project.
There are MBAs, courses or schools that certify 'hard' skills. There are programmes that cover economy, business or management. What we lack is a programme that will respond to the needs of a differently understood marketing: in terms of communication, competencies, business, and organisation. And Effie has access to Polish and global case studies as well as high class specialists – our jurors and jury chairs,"
Anna Zimecka, Project Director, SAR Marketing Communication Association said during the Gala.

Zimecka also announced,Effie Marketing & Business Solutions Programme is a pioneering form of education and development. Created with mid- and high level managers in mind. People who understand the need for self-improvement in times of changing business models, who work in changing organisational conditions on the new market. It is an answer to the fast changing needs of the market and its participants. It's a programme for people who aren't satisfied with the traditional thinking about the role of the marketer in the organisation or the role of agencies – no longer simply communication agencies."
You can find information about the Effie Marketing & Business Solutions Programme on Effie's website or by contacting the Effie team.

The Effie Awards is the most prestigious competition in the marketing industry. It has been organised in Poland since 2000. Each year, we see a significant increase in the number of submitted projects and open new categories.
Organiser: SAR Marketing Communication Association
Legal adviser: LSW Leśnodorski Ślusarek and Partners
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  • Strategic sponsors: Radio Zet, TVN, 
  • Supporting sponsors: AMS, Facebook, Wirtualna Polska,
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