Oct 04, 2017
United States

North American Effie Awards Launches 2018 Call For Entries; Campaign Created By Bailey Lauerman

NEW YORK (October 4, 2017) – Bailey Lauerman, an Omaha-based independent advertising agency, created the call for entries campaign for the 2018 North American Effie Awards, launching this week. The campaign, “Choose Wisely,” was created pro bono for the Effies and reminds agencies and marketers that every person, every discipline, every step and idea has the potential to change the outcome and effectiveness of the work. The North American Effies’ Call for Entries opened in early September and deadlines run from October 11-November 6, 2017.
“There is a saying inside the four walls of the Effie organization: ‘You can’t write your way into an Effie, but you can write your way out of one,’” said Greg Andersen, CEO of Bailey Lauerman and past board director of Effie Worldwide. “Winning an Effie isn’t something you just do when you decide to enter. It takes smart decisions from everyone along the process, and when you do create an effective campaign, you better be a good storyteller.” 
Bailey Lauerman wanted to create a campaign that was entertaining and also reflective of the conversation tangents and offbeat discussions required to get to great work that works. The agency built in graphics and copy points reflecting common characteristics of winning submissions.
“Choose Wisely” is a four-part video series that follows a fictional team developing a campaign to sell butter to “connected kids.” In the animated videos, viewers hear discussions between strategy, creative and media as they sort through key data and insights and make decisions that could lead to Effie-winning work.
Static executions for the campaign are modeled on decision trees to help guide Effie entries. Some are tongue-in-cheek campaign scenarios while others are more straightforward. For example, one asks how many touchpoints are in a campaign entry and leads to pithy answers such as “17 plus a carrier pigeon.”
“The campaign graphics and video series are designed to elevate the everyday moments that could lead to an Effie. The tone is very self-aware – you’re meant to nod your head and smile while you evaluate whether your work meets the Effie requirements. And if it doesn’t, then you’re taking notes for next year,” said Hannah Husman, senior copywriter at Bailey Lauerman. 
The work will appear in Effie communication to its entrants and past winners, on Effie.org and on social channels including Facebook and Twitter.
“We hold the Effies in incredibly high regard. It’s the most important award in our industry, not simply because it asks whether or not what we do is ultimately effective, but because it holds us accountable to the same standards as our clients,” added Andersen.
“Working with Effie winners like Bailey Lauerman, who have proven themselves to be effective marketers, is important. They know what it takes to create and celebrate effective work and, just as important, learn from peers in the industry,” said Traci Alford, CEO and president of Effie Worldwide. “We appreciate Bailey Lauerman’s time and energy to drive attention to the 2018 North American Effie Awards and encourage this year’s entrants who will go on to impact the 2018 Effie Effectiveness Index and serve as best-in-class examples of effective work for our industry.”
Bailey Lauerman
Ben Micek — Video Editor
Hannah Husman — Senior Copywriter
Michael Johnson — Senior Copywriter
Bri Harding — Designer
Aaron Jarosh — Digital Strategist
Sara Huse — Digital Designer
Marty Amsler – Creative Director
Brandon Oltman – Senior Designer
Marlee Ingham – Intern, Copywriter
Miki Newhouse – Project Manager
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About Bailey Lauerman
Bailey Lauerman has been recognized by the Effie Effectiveness Index as one of the Top 10 Most Effective Independent Agencies in the nation for six consecutive years, was awarded “Small Agency of the Year” by Advertising Age, and has been named one of “20 Small Agencies that Punch Above Their Weight,” in Forbes. The agency, with offices in Omaha and Los Angeles, has established a national reputation over its 47-year history for work with brands such as Allstate, AMC Theatres, Bass Pro Shops, Cuties, General Electric, HDR, Honeywell, New York Yankees, Panda Express, Phillips 66, Smithsonian and Union Pacific. For more information, visit www.baileylauerman.com
Rebecca Sullivan
for Effie Worldwide