Apr 18, 2016

2016 Effie Korea Awards Gala

The 2016 Effie Awards Korea Gala was held on April 18 at the Plaza Hotel, with approximately 150 advertising and marketing professionals attending. The Effie Awards honor effectiveness in marketing campaigns, differentiating themselves from other advertising awards led primarily by creativity.

This year’s Grand Effie was awarded to TBWA Korea and SIDIZ for their campaign, “Chairs Change One’s Life,” which focused on the fact that most modern people spend their days in chairs. The campaign received high scores for maintaining a consistent message that changing your chair will change your life, while using a different media type and approach across various target audiences.

The Gold Effie Award went to Universal McCann Korea and Seagram PPL for “Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village,” which integrated brad messaging into a reality cooking show. The campaign was evaluated highly for quickly achieving brand recognition for Coca-Cola’s Seagram, a late mover in the South Korean sparkling water market. The campaign effectively used the TV show by showing the cast members drinking the product. Several tools were developed so that Seagram was not simply advertised, but introduced as content. 

The Silver Effie winners were HS Ad and LG Electronics Roboking for “Extreme Challenge! Season 2,” TBWA Korea and ULOS for “Men, Get ULOS Without Hesitation,” Daehong Communications and Lotte Gum for “#Gumstagram,” Cheil Worldwide and Samsung Card for “2016 Samsung Card Brand Campaign,” and Baedal Minjok (WOOWA BROTHERS) and HS Ad for “Baedal Minjok_2016 Campaign,” which also earned three Bronze Awards.

Other Bronze-winning campaigns included: BBDO Korea and Innisfree for “The Innisfree Way,” Candy Crush Soda (King) and HS Ad for “Sweet Soda In My Life Candy Crush Soda,” Donate-Poline (ChildFundKorea), and HS Ad for “Donate-Poline,” Chum Churum Soonbari (Lotte Chilsung Beverage) and Daehong Communications for “Chum Churum Soonhari Launching Campaign “ LG OLED TV (LG Electronics) and HS Ad for, “LG OLED TV Boom Up Campaign,” and LG TROMM TWINWASH (LG Electronics) and HS Ad for “LG TROMM Twinwash – Rethink Laundry.”

According to Nam-gi Lee, CEO of KT Skylife and Jury Chair for the 2016 Effie Awards Korea, “The jury evaluated all types of marketing communication campaigns including new media, digital, and design, and across such a comprehensive spectrum of marketing campaigns the judges focused on how the creative strategy of the campaign was effectively executed and as a result contributed to the success of the campaign.” 

Dr. Eun-kyeong Han, a professor of mass communication and journalism at Sungkyunkwan University and head of the steering committee, said, “I was surprised by how globally competitive the campaigns were, and it was an opportunity for me to become convinced that the Effie Awards Korea is a globally competitive barometer for Korea’s marketing communications.” She added, “I hope that next year more campaigns are submitted and as a result ranked in the Effie Global Index, gaining global prestige.” 

The full list of winners can be found here.
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