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Moya Semya
Relaunch of "Moya Semya" brand

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: A detailed study of consumer’s profile* allowed us to get to know the brand’s audience better: Russians with family, aged 30–49, urban residents, with an average and lower income. Our consumers place family and children first. They spend most of their time at work as they want to provide for their loved ones. And they dedicate all of their free time to the family**.     *IPSOS, Online research “Most often users profile (12-49 y.o.)”, 2017. **CEE BU, Drinking moments Roll-out, November 2017

Objectives: The complete "reboot" of the brand had several objectives:   A. Commercial objective: to recruit new consumers to the brand (P4W userbase increase +1,4 p.p. vs PY)*, to increase sales (+15% in volume)**; B. Behavioral objective: to increase home consumption of the brand (HHP +2,5pp vs PY)***; C. Image objective: differentiation in the category (by strengthening the attribute “a brand that supports and unites family”) and a more positive brand perception among the audience*.   *Measured by IPSOS “Multon Brand Health Tracking”. **Measured by Multon Internal sales data YTD. ***Measured by GFK HHP analysis

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian