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Recognizing non-profit organizations and associations whose communications efforts have effectively driven positive change for society and successfully contributed back to the organization's purpose.  Campaigns must show measurable impact and pro



El Báligrafo

Brand: Ministerio de Educación Nacional - Gobierno Nacional
Client: Ministerio de Educación Nacional - Gobierno Nacional
Agency: WMcCANN

Talking is Teaching: "Talk, Read, Sing"

By age 3, low income children have heard 30 million fewer words than their affluent peers which has devastating long term consequences. We were tasked with getting low income moms to talk more to their babies to help close this gap. So, we created babies clothes and turned their everyday routines into an opportunity to grow their baby's brain. The result was a communications and public health program that is giving every child in Oakland better odds at being school ready and eventually getting out of poverty.

Brand: Bay Area Council/Too Small to Fail
Client: Bay Area Council
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Make Them Visible

NYC Rescue Mission needed to re-engage New Yorkers around the plight of the homeless. This required an emotionally disruptive idea that could pierce the "invisible mental shield" New Yorkers use to tune out homeless people around them. Instead of an ad, we created a social experiment that forced New Yorkers to see the homeless through new eyes. The experiment went viral, made headline news, generated 40MM in earned impressions, and increased volunteer recruitment by 20%. The video launched a much greater outcome than these quantitative results. It helped us actualize the idea that New Yorkers needed to see the homeless as their family and humanize them. As a result, the Make Them Visible Foundation was born separate of the New York City Rescue Mission to advocate and raise funds for organizations across America combating homelessness and hunger. The Foundation strives to shift the voice of the media and position the homeless as not problems to be fixed but lives to be gained. After all, people are the world's greatest natural resource.

Brand: New York City Rescue Mission
Client: New York City Rescue Mission
Agency: Silver + Partners

2019_au_2019_098_hero_1 The Dry July Foundation The Reclaiming of Dry July
2019_ca_2019_e-171-614_hero_1 Assaulted Women's Helpline (AWHL) Abuse Exposed
2019_ro_2019_66_hero_1 HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Romania without HOSPICE

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