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Recognizing non-profit organizations and associations whose communications efforts have effectively driven positive change for society and successfully contributed back to the organization's purpose.  Campaigns must show measurable impact and pro



Here's to Doing Good: Finnegans Brand Re-launch

After nine years on the regional scene, beer drinkers had heard of Finnegans, but surprisingly few were aware of their charitable mission- to fight poverty by giving 100 percent of the company's profits to local charities. Yes, 100 percent, as in every last penny. When asked to revitalize the Finnegans brand, increase its distribution and sales, and gain more awareness and understanding of the righteous mission behind the brand, we saw that as a ten-gallon opportunity.

Brand: Finnegans Irish Amber
Client: Finnegans Irish Amber
Agency: Martin Williams

'Great Coffee for the Greater Good'

People's City Mission, a non-profit homeless shelter, formed the Mission Bean Coffee Company, a for-profit entity whose proceeds would be used to help fund the operations of the Mission. With big dreams and no budget, this tiny new brand was launched in the face of aggressive and well-entrenched competitors including Starbucks, Folgers and Maxwell House. Compelling advertising and design, built around the promise - buy one bag, feed one homeless person - drove retail grocery sales to exceed goal by 32%, generating tens of thousands in proceeds to feed the homeless.

Brand: People's City Mission
Client: People's City Mission
Agency: Bailey Lauerman

I'm In

In March 2009, Detroit Public Schools (DPS) was facing bankruptcy, a $305 million deficit, a decade-plus of substantially declining enrollment, and now the public backlash of closing 29 schools. All told, DPS could lose as many as 16,750 students for the 2009/2010 school year - and millions in funding. DPS needed city families to believe great things happen at DPS. They didn?t need ads, they needed a movement. They got one. Results exceeded their enrollment projections and generated $49 million in funding - necessary for financial viability.

Brand: Detroit Public Schools
Client: Detroit Public Schools
Agency: Leo Burnett USA

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