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Simple Questions

By the end of the 2013 tax season, TurboTax had experienced two consecutive years of declining growth as the pool of manual filers theyd been drawing on dried up. To reverse the trend, TurboTax needed to appeal to people who had never considered doing their own taxes before, people for whom tax season was a time of fear and doubt. So to fight the fear we changed the conversation, creating an empowering message about how TurboTax turned taxes into nothing more than questions you already know the answers to.

Brand: Intuit TurboTax
Client: Intuit TurboTax
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Rocksmith 2014 Edition: 60-Day Challenge

Rocksmith 2014 faced plummeting console game sales. To outsell the original, we reframed Rocksmith 2014 as learning software allowing us to expand our audience from gamers to aspiring guitarists. The shift revealed the biggest challenge of our campaign: an endless amount of free online learning content. So we differentiated Rocksmith 2014 as the FASTEST WAY TO LEARN GUITAR, and quantified FAST for consumers with a promise - LEARN TO PLAY IN 60 DAYS. Within months, we exceeded the sales goal by 10%, despite a double-digit decline in category game sales.

Brand: Ubisoft Entertainment
Client: Ubisoft Entertainment
Agency: Nomadic Agency

Metrics, Not Myths

On a good day marketing can be called intuitively driven. On a bad day, it feels fluffy. On a really bad day, it can feel like B.S. We know it, our clients know it, and Marketers know it. This is the story of how Adobe transformed itself from a creative company that makes to a marketing partner that makes and measures. By calling out marketing B.S and offering certainty instead of half-truths, Adobe became the trusted partner to deliver the confidence digital marketers desperately need.

Brand: Adobe
Client: Adobe
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

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