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Cosmetics Guarantee

Rite Aid targeted cosmetics as a key area to differentiate it's stores from the competition. The marketing challenge entailed revolutionizing the way women view drugstores, because they typically shop department stores and mass merchants for their cosmetic needs. Rite Aid's cosmetic campaign successfully established the cosmetics department as a brand attribute by addressing the consumer's key problem: To take the risk out of mistakes made when shopping for new cosmetics.

Brand: Rite Aid
Client: Rite Aid Corp.
Agency: MARC USA Pittsburgh

Too Much Good Stuff

The "Too Much Good Stuff" campaign was created to develop an ownable positioning for ampm in the highly competitive convenience store market. The goal was to developed an intriguing personality for ampm which connected the store with its core consumer while also being able to support key product categories and promotions. The advertising re-creates that fun, indulgent, irrational "moments of truth" when you lose and the store wins--when you are overwhelmed by "too much good stuff"

Brand: ampm Mini Market
Client: Arco Products Company
Agency: RPA

Merry Side Of Sears

The Merry Side of Sears campaign was designed to differentiate Sears from the myriad of holiday/sale advertising and thus generate traffic and increased sales/profits for Sears. The Merry Side campaign tapped into the already built consumer associations of the Softer Side of Sears campaign. Sears Experienced its best Christmas ever, more than tripling average industry gains. In fact, Sears was singled out by analysts as one of the few winners in an otherwise lackluster Christmas selling season.

Brand: Sears
Client: Sears Holding Company
Agency: Young & Rubicam New York

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