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To build fast awareness and trial, Caribou Coffee focused on branding their unique and appealing experience vs. the marketing dominator, Starbucks. Customers grabbed at the option fast and furious, growing traffic 25% during advertising periods and exceeding sales objectives by over 100%.

Brand: Caribou Coffee
Client: Caribou Coffee Company
Agency: Carmichael Lynch

Blue's Clues Find It

Sears has long been a destination for kid's clothes, one moms and others like because Sears has always offered quality clothes at good prices. But the competition today is fierce, and the age at which kids start having a "say" is getting younger and younger. To help woo and refresh the bond with the continually renewing pool of new parents, Sears partnered with Blue's Clues, the popular children's TV program, to develop a line of exclusive-to-Sears apparel, tapping in to the sense of discovery and fun that the show is known for.

Brand: Sears
Client: Sears Holding Company
Agency: Young & Rubicam New York

Holiday '97 Campaign

The holidays are just the holidays, right? Not according to the core and potential customers of The Honey Baked Ham Company of Georgia. In-depth research uncovered some fascinating dynamics about Thanksgiving and Christmas and played a critical role in the development of the creative strategies for the 1997 Holiday Campaign.

Brand: The HoneyBaked Ham
Client: The HoneyBaked Ham Company
Agency: Austin Kelley Advertising

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