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The ring tone industry is laden with price-value discrepancies, quality concerns and consumers who show a general distrust for the companies involved. So how do you pit a little-known ring tone company against the giant Telco carriers and win over an apprehensive audience - in 12 weeks and while being outspent 200 to 1? The __Pherotones' campaign for Oasys Mobile used pseudoscience, sexual attraction and a Danish doctor to create a viral phenomenon that generated over six million PR impressions and led to a 90% increase in sales. All with only $100,000.

Brand: Oasys Mobile
Client: Oasys Mobile
Agency: McKinney

Best Buy Connections

In 2005, an increase in consumer control of consumer electronics purchases and more agile competitors began to exact a toll on Best Buy's business. Best Buy realized that the game was no longer about building awareness and that it had to become the preferred retailer for the category's most profitable customers. The campaign helped build brand preference, helped attract more profitable customers and helped drive business results.

Brand: Best Buy
Client: Best Buy
Agency: Best Buy Advertising

The Roaming Gnome Campaign

You are entering the Winter of 2003 and things look bleak. You were once the category leader, the pioneer and the dominant brand in your industry. Now you are #2 and on your way being #3 in market share. You are weakened by a price war and your biggest rival has vowed to crush all competitors by ___spending more than anyone else can afford__. You have a great company, but no clear proprietary advantage. How do you return to brand prominence? If you are Travelocity, you invest in a creative idea that establishes your brand as an enabler for savvy consumers and, as a result, the downward brand momentum has been reversed and site visitation to-date is 208% of goal.

Brand: Travelocity
Agency: McKinney

2019_au_2019_040_hero_1 Target Discover Winterful; Target comes out of hibernation
2019_do_2019_e-31-142_hero_1 La Curacao El Día + Corto
2019_ca_2019_e-209-489_hero_1 Sobeys Inc. Get More Summer

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