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Scrubbing Bubble- New and Improved

The objective of the "Scrubbing Bubble- New and Improved" campaign was to gain maximum leverage from Dow Bathroom Cleaner's first major product improvement in 20 years. The mission was to take the Down Bathroom Cleaner icon, the "Scrubbing Bubble," and make him work to add momentum to an already vital franchise. The new "Scrubbing Bubble" commercial had to do this without overshadowing the important New/Improved news (+50% stronger), but at the same time garner high recall and awareness. The business goal was to exceed the +5% average annual volume growth the brand has enjoyed for the past five years while gaining at least 0.75 share points in the bathroom clear category during the 1989 introduction of the New/Improved DBC.

Brand: Dow Bathroom Cleaner
Client: Dow Brands, Inc.
Agency: Della Femina, McNamee WCRS, Inc.

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